Quick Post: Lethal (Re)Actions

And here’s what’s come to my attention: that jumping to conclusions is perhaps more dangerous than anything else, especially when it concerns other people. What makes it worse is that the bigger you feel your conclusion is, the higher your jump, or maybe vice-versa: the higher your jump, the bigger you feel your conclusion is. Here is the danger: the bigger your conclusion that you jump to, the stronger the desire to tell someone else.

And then it just spreads like wildfire.

You tell someone else what “it sounded/seemed like,” and “sounded/seemed” gets lost in translation, and all the other person hears is “it was.” The whole idea of “benefit of the doubt” goes out the window – it jumps out just as you jump to a conclusion – regardless of the truth.

The only thing that can spare anyone from this catastrophe is the idea that you have forged a bond stronger than the conclusion that screwed things up. Without that, you find no reason to hear the truth. You feel you are right, and hold another guilty, as if whatever it was, was done with full intention. 

But I suppose, if you are ready to believe that, the bond wasn’t that strong to begin with. All that will be left after the wildfire of a conclusion is the ground in between that has been razed, and the smoke that will never seem to lift. And all that’s left to do is to get out and save yourself.


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